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All You Wanted to Know And More

What is Barrier Outdoors?

Barrier Outdoors is a company that strives to Lower the barrier of entry to new hunters, and to expand and enhance the experience that seasoned hunters live out in the field. We do this through our premium gear rentals, "Try Before You Buy" program, and new hunt experience kits.

What is the "Premium Gear Rental" program?

Through our premium gear rental program, we strive to provide for both the new hunter who wants to get into the field but does not feel the need to purchase the gear for their specific hunt, and for the seasoned hunter who has the need to fill specific holes in their current gear lineup. We'll ship you the gear, you use it on your hunt, and when you're done simply use the supplied return label and send it back to us.

What is the "Try Before You Buy" program?

The team here at Barrier Outdoors understands that high-quality gear is hard to come by and is typically quite the investment, our goal with the "Try Before You Buy" program is to help you find the holes in your current gear lineup and to allow you to test out that new tent, or pack out in the real world before you decide to pull the trigger on that new piece to add to your kit.

What are your hunt experience kits?

Whether you just finished up your first season in the whitetail woods or just packed out an Alaskan moose for your third guided season in a row, every hunter still longs for that new experience; it's part of our nature, with our hunt experience kits for one price you can rent everything you need to experience new things in the outdoors. Our lineup includes experiences like cold early mornings in a layout blind waiting for that roost of snow geese to take flight, or a heart-pounding moment when a one-in-a-lifetime whitetail walks below your mobile hunting setup. We long to help you see something new in the great outdoors.

What if I decide my rental gear is right for me?

We know that when you find the right piece of gear, you never want to let it out of your sight again, so if during your rental period, you choose to hold onto it and add it to your gear lineup we will subtract your rental fee from our listed price for your item and there are no worries about shipping it back to us.

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